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cycle logic to giant brand store in 20 years

August 1, 2016

So seeing this is our 20th year of trading, and about every ten years we like to shake things up a bit - we thought
'How can we make the next 20 years even better?'
In what is a saturated market where hundreds of brands compete for your attention it is incredibly important for us to give you the best product that we can. We realize that it's customer service that reigns as king and hopefully that defines us and to that end we have always chosen to work with companies that follow this mantra.
We can now announce our decision to use Giant Bicycles as our sole bike supplier. Our aim is to offer the most complete and in depth range of product from the largest cycle manufacturer in the world. If Giant make it, we want you to see it it on our shop floor.
By concentrating on a fewer number of clothing and component brands we will improve our stock profile and size ranges, eliminating clutter. We will be able to offer a complete and competitive package for almost every rider. We feel this choice best serves YOU, our priority, whilst distinguishing ourselves further.
By becoming a Giant Liv brand store we will represent -
The largest premium cycle manufacturer in the world with -
The most complete range of bikes and -
The best customer service and back up.
So here is the Schedule -
We will continue to trade though August and September as Cycle Logic.
We will close the workshop to new jobs on Saturday 24th of September -
We will then close the shop on Friday 30th September for a monumental refit before opening again on November 1st with the complete range of Giant Bicycles.
These are incredibly exciting times, loads more announcements over the next few months so please STAY TUNED and let us know your thoughts!

closed saturday 7th may ** helston flora day**

May 3, 2016

It's that time of year again - as if closing on Monday  for the May Bank holiday is not enough we will also be closed this Saturday 7th of May in order to once again celebrate the the spring fertility rite of bathing in Spingo whilst juggling a pair of Anne's finest. 



Back to normal Monday

tcr - customer reveiw

April 30, 2016

Nice little piece from a customer who has recently traded his Venge for a TCR Advanced SL - makes great reading.


"Wow! What a bike! Thanks Steve for recommending this machine, it really is the stiffest, lightest and most responsive bike I have ever had the pleasure of riding. For the last couple of weeks I have been trawling the Internet looking at reviews, YouTube vids, and videos from GIANT themselves waxing lyrical about the new TCR project. I couldn't find a bad review and for once I'm glad to say that this bike really DOES live up to all the marketing hype - in every aspect it is superb! The love affair starts with picking it up; you can scarcely believe that a ML bike can weigh so little. The wheels are classy in an understated way and add to the stealthy look of the bike. GIANT's own finishing kit - mostly carbon, compliments the bike too and contributes to that incredible weight. The Ultegra di2 groupset is the cherry on the icing on the cake and overall (unless you pay out an extra £1500 for the Dura Ace version) I would say that this has to be one of the, if not THE, best value bikes on the market for 4k.

My first ride on it was a hilly 40 miler and what I noticed from the off, was that every last ounce of power generated seemed to be channelled into foward momentum... immediately! There was no "lag" like I've experienced with lesser frames and any effort was rewarded and then some.

Although I chose this model primarily for climbing - after all I do live in Cornwall and there are precious few interesting flat routes in the county, it proved to be no slouch on the flat. Descending was a pleasure too, just so responsive and sure - footed. I could go on and on about how pleased I am and at the time of writing this I am super excited about getting out on it tomorrow morning. If you're considering getting an all - round climbing, racing machine then don't overlook this beauty. There's a model in the range to suit most budgets and if you want to be very well looked after then look no further than Cycle Logic in Helston, a family-run business by a family passionate about cycling :) "



20 years old and finally we are having a tidy up

February 18, 2016

This year we are 20 years old and now that we are all grown up proper like we feel responsible enough to start tidying up after ourselves. So we are going to do a bit of housekeeping and that means that you could pick up a bit of a bargain - the plan is to clear out some old to make way for some new and to start we have some old LOGO Mavic Winter jackets, Jerseys, Bibs and Gilets. All super sharp, slick looking kit that's slightly different from the brand bandits - and every piece you buy at 40% off the retail price will qualify you to as much of the new model range at retail less 20%. Get it? 20 years of trading 20% discount with a qualifying purchase of RRP less 40% - simples. 

Old stock is limited in sizes and range so be quick plus as soon as it's gone we can do the same on something else - it's very exciting what we have in the pipeline. 

Old Logo Jackets


Espoir black Thermo soft shell  size 2xl (46-48 chest) 36680 was £95.00 now £57.00 1 only

Espoir blue Thermo soft shell  size xsml (38 chest) 38674 was £95.00 now £57.00 1 only


Espoir blue Thermo soft shell  size2xl (46-48 chest) 38674 was £95.00 now £57.00 SOLD XXXXSOLDXXXX

Sprint H2O Jacket White/Black sml (40"chest) 35907 was £110 now £66.00 SOLDxxxxxxSOLDxxxxx

Athena ladies H20 blue medium 41807 was £110 now £66 1only

HC H20 Jacket Red / White Med 39620 was £190.00 now £114.00 1 only XXXSOLDXXX

Echappe softshell white / black / red sml (40"chest) 36670 was £160.00 now £96.00 1 only

Espoir windshell white / green  sml 38548 was £67.50 now £39.00 1 only

Espoir Longsleeve Jersey black  medium 36274 was £60 now £39 1 only

Espoir Gilet Black large x 2 -  xlg x 1

(med x 1 sold)   Was £50.00 now £29.00


Espoir Bib tights black xlge 36657 was £75.00 now £45.00 1 only

Equippe Bib tights black small  40834 was £115.00 now £68.00 2 only 


Aksium Short sleeve Jersey Black Medium 41796 was £48.00 now £29.00 2 only

                                                  Large      41797 was £48.00 now £29.00 2 only

                                                  Xlge        41798 was £48.00 now £29.00 2 only

                                                 XXlge       41799 was £48.00 now £29.00 2 only


CXR Ultimate Short Sleeve Jersey Blk/Yellow Medium 41917 was £145.00 now £89.00 1 only

                                                                  Large     41918 was £145.00 now £89.00 2 only

These are the most technically advanced condom weight jersey in store - fill your boots!




build your dream bike online

December 12, 2015

For a little while I've been quietly coding an online custom bike configurator tool. It's something that Steve and I talked about doing back in the summer.. "it's going to be cool" we said... (and it is). So.. while still very much a prototype it's ready for folk to start playing with - all the core functionality is available with the exception of social media sharing tools. Those will be finished shortly and, when done, will let you show off your build to your mates on facebook, twitter, such that they can pick holes in it, criticise your component choice and all those other great things that our cycling buddies will happily do ;-)  In the meantime however you can go ahead and build bikes, save them, print them, ask us questions about them - component choices, sizing etc etc.. and apply for finance online... and generally fiddle with it to your hearts content all from the comfort of your sofa, desk, throne or wherever your seating preference is when lusting over high end bicycles.


We're fully aware that we haven't finished populating all the available component choices (Enve forks for ex to go with your Seven will shortly be online), the permutations of brands and options are seemingly endless - so don't be shy about asking us for something that isn't shown yet. We also recognise that you may have parts of your own that you'd like to use... so for most of the categories we're quite happy for you to bring some of your own bits to the party - you'll see an option, the final thumbnail in each section, called 'use your own'. Just select that. We trust you not to be silly about it and expect us to build an entire bike from parts you've sourced elsewhere without a workshop fee. So.. if you're not sure what's appropriate - just ask. There will shortly be a small fee structure around using your own parts - it will vary, for example it's no trouble for us to drop in a set of your own wheels, but fitting an entire groupset is a somewhat more time consuming affair.



Anyway, enough of me waffling.. do go and have a play. Bear in mind it's a prototype and while I've tested it to the nth degree you may well find bugs or weird layout issues on your particular browser/operating system combination so please do tell us if you have problems. Please also feel free to tell us what you'd like to see  - we're here to serve you and your feedback is important to us. 


The road configurator is ready. Mountain - we're still filling it up with parts. Click here to fiddle with it!





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